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The Boone County Veterans Memorial (Florence, Ky.) purchased in part with funds generated from charitable gaming.


 The Department of Charitable Gaming provides a regulatory framework allowing charitable gaming to thrive as a viable fundraising mechanism.  The department helps to ensure the productivity of charitable gaming through appropriate regulation, oversight and education.  Our agency is privileged to partner with charities to accomplish these goals and looks forward to continuing that partnership. The department continues to seek new ways to assist charities in gaming, while policing the industry to ensure that charities do not fall prey to those seeking to use charitable gaming as a means to make money for themselves.

As we look to the future, the department will continue to strive to ensure that charitable gaming is an activity in which more charities participate to make money for their causes, and to make the industry safer for those charities already gaming. As always, the department serves as a resource for charities and has training available.  Also, the office is working to make its website more informative and educational for charities.  With your help, charitable gaming has a bright future. 



Kentucky Department of Revenue's response related to taxability of charitable gaming supplies by tax-exempt entities: Charitable Gaming Supplies

General Notice Regarding Fee Calculation


Notice to Organizations regarding Electronic Pulltabs:

The regulations governing the use of electronic pulltabs have been approved and are now in effect.   The Department will now begin accepting lab certifications either certifying or failing to certify each manufacturer's product.  Once the Department receives these certifications we have sixty (60) days to either approve or deny the systems and the games. 
What this means for you:  A manufacturer's electronic pulltab system and games cannot be used in the conduct of charitable gaming until that system and those games have been approved by the Department.  We anticipate the first systems to be approved and enter the market around the first of February. Now that the regulations are approved and in effect, you MAY enter into a contract with a distributor to provide these products, however, please keep in mind that no manufacturer�s product will be approved for use until, at the earliest, the beginning of February.  Therefore, there is no guarantee that any contract you enter into with a manufacturer or distributor will be for a product that is ultimately approved for use in the Commonwealth. If you have any questions regarding the status of approvals or electronic pulltabs in general, please feel free to contact Cannon Armstrong or Noelle Bailey.  As a reminder, manufacturers cannot also be licensed distributors and cannot directly provide, or contract to provide, any charitable gaming supplies or equipment, including electronic pulltab devices, to your organization.​​




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